Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'm Back!!!

I know, it's been forever (well, almost 20 days). What the hell have I been doing all this time? Well, after an incredible time in New York and coming home in a flying Petri dish I've been trying to recover from that God awful crud/cough/flu thing that everyone seems to have and that I was sure I'd dodged. I'm immune to West Coast germs and bugs, I seldom get sick...but, those damn East Coast viruses are mean little shits. So, I'm still coughing and tired and just haven't felt like doing much of anything (missed a ton of work and some meetings and some great chances to get's that for being ill?) And of course, since I am the reluctant blogger, it's been a great excuse to not blog.

I am on the mend and hopefully by the end of the week I'll be working out with
Tonya, one of my dearest friends and life will get back to normal (yeah, sure...just what is normal?).

Speaking of Tonya, last night she unveiled her new logo for her busines at a small party at the new
restaurant owned by my friends Dan and Craig. The name of the restaurant is Hot Dish and it isn't officially open until May 2nd, so we all got a sneak preview of what will soon be the newest, hottest, bestest place to eat in Seattle. Not only will it have amazing food (since Dan is an incredible cook) it's in the "family" so to speak and is someplace that should soon become a gathering place for my community. Oh, and it's got wireless, too so I can go there and work. (Some of you don't know, but I used to co-own a small cafe on Capital Hill called Beyond The Edge Cafe, that was the community gathering place for a few years. At times I miss it dreadfully. )

One thing that I didn't bail on this week was my commitments to speak. On Friday, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak about Polyamory at a Human Sexuality Class at
South Community College and Saturday at a LGBT Leadership Conference put on at the Tacoma branch of the University of Washington. Both experiences were incredible. I speak a lot at colleges and conferences. I speak mostly on BDSM, some on alternative lifestyles in general and only occasionally on Polyamory. I have to say that it was rather refreshing to speak to non-poly aware folk (for the most part) about something that is such an important part of my life.

I belong to a Poly yahoo group and to prepare for my presentations I asked the group to answer three questions for me.

1. If you could tell the non-polyworld just one thing about your lifestyle, what would it be?
2. What misconceptions or myths about poly have you encountered that you want to make sure get covered? (I realize that these could have the same answer).
3. Since I don't have kids I can only talk about it anecdotally. So, for those of you with children, what do you tell them (if anything) about poly and at what age? And what were their responses? Also, any major issues around children in poly households.

I was blown away by the incredibly thoughtful and profound responses I received from members of the group. It's prompted me to write an article about Polyamory and hopefully shop it around. I'll share some of it with you all as I write.

I'm not going to make an promises about blogging this time. I'll write when I write and won't when I won't.

I'm off to bed. Got to get feeling better soon. Tomorrow afternoon I'm speaking at
Antioch University about how BDSM is not abuse. This will be the first time I've spoke on this subject and I'm very excited to do so.

Good night


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