Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well, it's been months and months since I posted. I'm a lousy blogger. Lots has been happening, mostly at the Center (formerly The Wet Spot). I've got a blog on the Center website that I do post in at least weekly, but hey, it's my job. :)

I guess I just either can't find the time or don't think that what I've got to say is that important. I'll try to change, but you know what they say about leopards and spots (or is it old dogs and tricks..hmmm).

Aynway, my cousin Veronica is in town and I've got to get my place ready for her to stay here and I've got Center e-mail to answer, and I'm getting ready to leave next week on a cruise to British Columbia. Mmmmmm. My life is good. (I've got a couple fabulous new people in my life, too. Yup, life is good)

Have a great one!