Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On Writing

I realized recently that I'm not a bad writer. I had this weird story that because my spelling sucks (thank the Goddess for spellcheck) and my grammar sometimes is off that I really wasn't that good of a writer. Recently a few things have happened that made me realize that I'm actually pretty good.

The biggest thing was the acknowledgement I received from Robert Rubel, the editor of Power Exchange Magazine. He actually gave me a break on the deadline of my most recent article because he thought my work was so "clean". I guess that means he didn't have to edit it that much. And when I sent him my that article he wrote back "God you're a good writer. Thanks so much. I'm having a Fabulous Afternoon reading it". That made my day.

I guess it's time to admit it. I'm a good writer. So this week I started my second book (most of you don't know that I co-wrote a young adult science fiction novel in the mid 90's. Never published but a fun read). The book is evolving. I was going to write just about how to break up and remain in a loving relationship with your partner while doing so. I realized while working on the outline that loving break-ups (actually I don't even like the term break-up. Really it's just an altering of the relationship. I'll have to work on a better term) come from having a loving relationship that was structured from the beginning to last. And that changes in a relationship (ie: divorce, death, separation, etc) are inevitable and how we deal with those changes are up to us. The book was going to be called Happy Endings. That will be a large section of the book, but it won't be the whole book. I think now it's going to be about Beginnings, Middles and Endings.

I have a request for you, my readers. For those of you who have had positive relationship endings I'd love to hear about them. A short story about how you were able to maintain a good relationship through it all and what steps you took to make it so. Write me at



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