Sunday, March 05, 2006

Kissing and Touching

I had an opportunity the other day to be part of a kissing booth at a Kinky Carnival held at The School of One. What an amazing experience. Last year I was part of the kissing booth and I had quite a bit of fun, but nothing really profound happened. Well, this time was different.

I had the opportunity to kiss a few people who seemed to be totally touched and moved by the experience of kissing me. What an odd occurrence. I had chosen to be fully present while kissing each individual and giving it 150%. To see if that would make a difference in how my experience in the booth went. Well, believe me, it worked. I actually had someone in tears after a kiss. Another looked at me with a touch of wonder in his eyes and thanked me for kissing him. It was obvious that something had happened that was not intended. I had tapped into something primal and moving.

Now, I imagine that the men and women I kissed, for the most part, got turned on or aroused in some way, because I'm a great kisser and a pretty sexy old broad, if I don't say so myself. However, this was different than getting turned on. This was deeper, more at the core of what kissing and touch are all about. This was about intimacy not sexuality, per say.

It amazes me to think that something as simple as a kiss can have such a profound affect on a person. That even something simpler as a touch, caress, a cuddle can mean the difference between a life fully lived and one of just existence. This explains the popularity of Cuddle Parties (or Snuggle Parties as they are called in some parts of the country). An opportunity for people to just touch; non-sexual, non-threatening and totally life affirming.

I have to keep reminding myself that others aren't as blessed as I am. Not only do I have a poly family that nourishes me, I have others in my life who also feed my soul. I have an incredible bio family, a huge and wonderful chosen family, a beautiful home and a fabulous and rich life.

The experiences I've had over the last few weeks, the kissing booth, going to Southplains Leatherfest, enjoying the company of my boy, my close friends, my bio brothers and just living a full and rich life only serve to remind me that part of my calling in this world is to make the type of life I have accessible to others. A huge blessing and an even huger responsibility.

Here's to kissing and touching (of the physical kind) and to touching others and truly making a difference in this world.


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Nancy said...

Hey sexy lady, I just found your blog! What a wonderful writer you are, and a great role model as well.

I had a similar experience when I was filling in for you briefly at the kissing booth - a young man who seemed totally stunned at what I gave him; not just my lips and my caress, but a part of ME as well. Wish I'd done it some more!

Thanks for sharing Allena, and I hope to see you soon!