Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wow! What a Labor Day week I had!

I am just now recovering from our yearly Labor Day camp out, The Gathering put on by The Wet Spot. It's probably one of the more labor intensive events we produce (next to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival) and it's one of the most fun.

We spend a full week at one of the sexiest and most spiritual venues imaginable. The Longhouse, where we hold the event has a pool, hot tubs, showers, flush toilets (very important) and the most beautiful grounds to camp and play in.

This year we had a few treats in store for our attendees. Besides feeding them all there meals (of which I was the Master Chef...well, Camp Cook), providing play space and workshops all week long we also had Gaia Consort play on Sunday night and Saturday and Sunday afternoons we had Lube Wrestling!!! Oh, my Goddess, what fun.

Tim, one of our board members came up with a great idea for a fund raiser. He proposed that he and I lube wrestle. While he's a lot smaller than me, he's also 20+ years younger than me and very physically fit. Of course I said yes. And of course I knew I'd kick is ass. There was some special conditions though. To make it a fund raiser, Tim had a bucket that he used to get donations in that said "Blindfold Allena" and I had one that said "Blindfold Tim". Then, mid week, when Tim and I were collecting lots of bills, some smart ass (thanks Marcus) came up with the idea of passing around a bucket that said "Blindfold Both". Needless to say, we both were blindfolded. I surprised him by also donning a strap-on, which unfortunately fell off before I could "pin" him. I have to say that I've never worked so hard is such a short time (3 2 minute rounds) and had so much fun. Nor have I ever hurt so much the next day. My muscles are still sore and that was over a week ago. But it was for a good cause, oh, and I did kick his ass. While I may never have pinned him, the Judges did find me the winner. Not bad for an old fat broad.

Anyway, if you missed The Gathering this year, or our naked lube wrestling, don't miss it next year.

Good night and Goddess Bless,


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