Saturday, September 23, 2006

Guess Where I Am?

Wow, here I am sitting in a great little cafe in Oakland, waiting for a call from Tonya (a great friend of mine who also lives in Seattle and makes amazing fetish clothing) so we can to with her boy to see Tigers! Not many of you know, but I love big cats. In fact, if I met the right big cat . . . nah, shouldn't go there. Her boy used to work with an organization that takes care of "retired" tigers. I'm very excited.

Anyway, Tonya and I are in the Bay area for Folsom Street Fair, which happens tomorrow in San Francisco. Surprisingly, I've never been. All these year's I've been kinky and I haven't made it to the biggest leather fair in the country. So, today it's tigers, tonight it's a women's play party and tomorrow it's Folsom. Then it's on to Las Vegas to meet up with Jennifer where I'm going to show her the lights.

I'm on a real vacation. Hard to believe. And, while I'm ostentatiously not here for work, I can't help but promote the Seattle Erotic Art Festival or talk to strangers about The Wet Spot.

Last night we went to an art opening for Midori's newest work. And of course the first people I run into are a bunch of Seattlites. We met one of my favorite photographers and good friend, David Steinberg and his lovely friend Kim. From Midori's opening we went to a late dinner at a diner called Mels and then David and Kim took me to Divas, one of two transgender lounges in the country. That was an amazing experience. David has recently produced an incredible show of trans women who work at or frequent Divas. We hope to have him back in Seattle for the art festival and if we do, we also hope to get him a gallery show of his Trans work.

So far the trip has been fun and uneventful. I'm staying with a delightful
couple in the Oakland area (good friends of some good friends) so I'm meeting lots of new people. Even handed my card to a cute women in line at the coffee shop I'm in and I'm talking right now to a cute, non-kinky boy about Folsom. Life is good.

Well, got to go check e-mail.

Talk to you soon.


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