Friday, December 29, 2006


Well, I'm never going to be much of a blogger and I won't promise to blog more often. However, I do pop in once and awhile and here I am tonight.

Just a short post about what I've been up to this month.

Let's see. I went on a cruise at the beginning of the month. My Mom turned 70 so my Aunt and I treated her to a cruise to Key West and Mexico. It was (to quote Dickens) "The best of times. It was the worst of times." Cruises are fun. Spending time with my Mom and Aunt was great. Pushing my Mom around in a wheelchair when her scooter broke, wasn't so great. Did I mention that Mom and my Aunt are both mobility challenged and brought scooters on the trip. Anyway, I'm living proof that you can lose weight on a cruise...I did.

Then, after I got back, I was sick for awhile. Did my best to catch up with work and friends before the holidays.

I had to make a deadline for the second article that I've written for a new magazine, called Power Exchange. I've been asked to write a monthly column on Activism. It's a bit daunting, but great fun. And it's getting me used to writing and that's very important, as I really want to finish one of my books this coming year.

Last week I went to my sister's in California to spend Christmas with her whole family, my Stepmother and Step Grandmother and my cousin, Veronica Monet (I think I've mentioned her before). First time since 1979. I was pretty apprehensive about going since it's been so long and I never got along well with my Stepmother. However, it turned out to be just great. I got to spend time with my niece's daughter (I'm a Grand Aunt...How cool is that?) and also get to know my Step Mother's current husband better. And one of my nephews is even moving to Seattle next month, so I got to talk to him about what to expect (and promise my sister to only introduce him to girls who want to move to California).

Then last Wednesday, after getting back in town Jim and I drove up to Vancouver to spend a belated Christmas with Jennifer and her daughter. It was the perfect capper to a great holiday.

Now I'm back in Seattle and getting ready for New Year's Eve at The Wet Spot.

I just realized that I haven't mentioned sex at all yet. Well, it's not been the most highly sexual month. People think that I get laid way more than I do. Lately, with pre-menopause and the holidays and a few other blips in my life, it's been pretty barren.

Oh, except for a great evening a few weeks ago with my boy, alex. He's such a "cat". Sometimes he's in the mood, sometimes he's not. This time he was. His masochist came out to play. At my request he wore sexy disposable clothing and after I tied him up over a spanking bench, I slowly cut off his clothes and bit, licked, spanked and caned each body part that I exposed. And that was just his warm up.

Later I had him on the bondage bed (we were at The Wet Spot after hours.) After beating his ass with his least favorite toy, I turned him over and played with his cock, wrapping it in his favorite leather cock ring and attaching it to my tens unit. Every time I turned up the tens unit he jumped and I sucked and kissed his cock. Pretty soon his pain and pleasure responses became all jumbled up. :) This got me super horny, so I climbed on top of him and he gave me a great orgasm while I continued to torture his penis.

Then the Grand Finale! Two needles through his nipples. Then the best part, cuddling and making him feel good again (he doesn't like needles).

Hmmm. That was a fun night.

So, where was I? Oh, New Year's Eve. The Wet Spot has a great party, complete with dancing, play, food, sparkling cider and noise makers. And that's when Jennifer and I bring in the New Year with our own special tradition. Right after midnight we find a cozy spot, grab our noise makers and give ourselves our first orgasms of the year. It's a noisy masturbation scene. Daddy (Jim) sits in a chair and watches with this proud smile that he gets when his girls are having fun together.

So, that's how I plan on ending 2006 and beginning 2007. What are you doing?


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guntharr said...

Sounds like a really hot night with your boy. You are an amazing woman, Allena!