Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Changing the Conversation

I just had an incredible discussion with a group of my Landmark Education cohorts. I'm doing the Wisdom Course and we have weekly meetings, either in person or by phone to do coursework and to socialize.

One of the distinctions of the Wisdom Course is how our life is a series of conversations and who we are in the world and how we "be" in the world is from the conversations that others in our life have about us. Also, altering conversations can be life altering both on individual and global scales.

That was what tonight's conversation was about. Globally how we can alter the world just by putting a conversation into existence. We were talking about The Hunger Project started in the 70's, which has altered how the world relates to hunger, but it struck how my and others conversations about sex and sex-positivist has altered our world.

Fifteen years ago, when I came into this community the term sex-positive wasn't even in use. Or if it was, it was used minimally. Even 10 years ago when I had my cafe, it wasn't being spoken and just in the last 7 years, with the beginning of The Wet Spot, with a change in sexual awareness, the term is now everywhere and being used by more than the sex-positive community. I really do feel that by people like me, changing the conversation about sex, we have altered how our world is viewing sexuality.

Oh, I know, some of you are thinking, well, what about the religious right? The current administrations overly zealous prosecution of porn web sites? I think this is just part of it. It's the push back that's to be expected when culture shifts. If it wasn't shifting there wouldn't be such attention to it. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, media, advertising, etc has become more and more sexual and sex positive.

My challenge to everyone is to change the conversation. Don't be afraid to speak your truth about sexuality. I know that when I speak frankly and without shame about who I am and what I do in this world, I don't get negative reactions. I believe that's because I am changing the conversation.


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Jennifer said...

I speak my truth about my sex and sexuality and I learned to do this from witnessing you do it time and time again Bella.

I change the conversation about sex every time I'm the first one to bring it up at the dinner table or by the light of day.

As an educator I get to dispel all sorts of myths surrounding sex and our culture.

Much of who I am today is because of you and what you've taught me and where you've led me

lots of love